The Team

About Us

We are a Singapore based SME focused
on IT distribution and e-commerce.

Our team is all rounded with experience in admin logistics, marketing activities, service repair, sales retail and eCommerce.

Each member is an expert in their chosen field with overlapping skills that ensures the team is able to adapt to any changes in a fast moving industry.

Admin & Logistics

Arguably the most important division of the company, the admin & logistics team form the backbone of all operations conducted by the company. The team does stock planning and fulfillment for its various retail channels in order to ensure a consistent sell through rate for its products.

To date, the admin & logistics team can proudly boast that they have a 100% success rate in delivery to their various channels without a single mistake since 2004.


Navicom has many contacts and good working relations with heavy weight players in the media industry such as Straits Times and Hardware Zone. In addition, Navicom is a common sight at the 4 largest tech exhibition shows in Singapore where its customers eagerly look forward to new product launches.

Apart from media publications, Navicom also undertakes creation and management of various social media pages both to educate and provide a platform for feedback and discussion by the more tech savvy crowd. This also serves as a marketing tool for Navicom to reach out to potential community interest groups to serve as an alternate form of retail sales channel.

Service & Repair

Working and Customer relations with Navicom doesn’t end once a product sale is concluded. A good working relation with Navicom entails excellent after sales service support as well.

Being trained in customer service and repair skills, the service team is able to temper expectations of its consumers while ensuring Navicom customers receive the highest level of service commitment within the shortest time frame.

Sales Channels

The Navicom sales team do more than just sales to its various dealers. They are product specialists who are often on hand to provide product training to the various dealers who work with Navicom. By educating the dealers who are able to pass these knowledge onto their market group, this inspires brand confidence by the consumers.

They are also given autonomy to work out various packages and promotions with the dealers for sale of products. At the same time, the dealers often serve as a source of market intelligence by providing info on the more popular products and latest competitor info.


A relatively new addition to Navicom, the eCommerce team was created in response to the growing demand of online shopping tools by the market. By having its own eCommerce arm, the company is able to capture the portion of the market which prefers to do online shopping while collecting additional data about market behavior.

The company is also able to control market prices to some degree using its eCommerce platform to prevent a price war among its dealers to ensure a healthy and stable market price. The eCommerce platform also serves as a reference point for dealers and consumers to check out standard retail prices of products in the market.

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